Free Beat Making Software Downloads for Windows or MAC

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Are you looking for a  free beat making software download for your Mac or PC?

The good news is there are a lot of free programs that can help you get started.

The trick is to know which ones to pick.

Right now, there are literally hundreds of free beat makers available.

Some are decent.

Others produce low-quality sounds.

Sidebar:  Now, I know you’re looking for a free program.  But there is one that straddles the border between affordability and quality.  It is the Dub Turbo beat making software. Most people shy away from this site because it isn’t 100% free.  In my opinion, it’s better to go with software that produces STUDIO QUALITY sounds instead of going after freebie programs that are ineffective.  Anyway…be sure to check out my complete Dub Turbo Review  for more information.


…Luckily for the aspiring beat maker, the internet contains a number of free beat making software options that allow him or her to either try a program out for a limited time at no cost or to use it indefinitely free of charge.

These programs not only allow the user to quickly start making beats for free, but also to become familiar with the different types of platforms available and figure out the most appropriate solution for his or her needs.

Free Beat Making Software Downloads

#1. HammerHead Rhythm Station is a simple program for creating basic loops and patterns.  Beat options are limited to a few classic canned BOSS 909-style electronic beats appropriate for low-fi electronic, jungle, hip-hop or experimental indie rock.

The software allows the user to set the swing, tempo and length, as well as the volume, distortion and feedback level of the loop.  Loops can contain up to six instruments, for each of which the user can adjust the volume and apply distortion or a reverse effect.

HammerHead’s beat making software is available for free on a number of websites.

Its ultra-simple, user-friendly interface provides a perfect introduction to beat-making and with its .WAV and RAW data-stream export capabilities beginners will find themselves arranging their own backbeats in no time.  HammerHead takes up very little space on hard drives and is also available to use online without download.

#2. orDrumbox is for Songwriters and DJs looking for something with a little more complexity.  The program is labeled as “freeware” and allows users to program full songs using electronic and acoustic kit simulators and other percussion instruments like bells and tambourines, as well as a piano simulator.

OrDrumbox is packed with options.  Users can choose from a number of pre-set patterns or create their own, where they can control the pitch, frequency, pan and volume of each instrument as well as the volume of each hit.  They can adjust a song’s tempo, select from different kits, apply filters, and export as wav or midi files.  The sounds aren’t top of the line but are decent enough for a free program, especially one with so many options and that is packed so small – it takes up just over five megabytes on a hard drive.

 #3. Muse is a great free beat maker if you have a Linux operating system.  It boasts an audio sequencer as well as full MIDI support with input and output MIDIS. IN many ways this could be viewed as a bare bones version of many of the solid pay programs.  You don’t get a lot of frills… but it is a good way to practice and see if beat making is for you.

Free Trials of Commercial Beat Making Software

Free Beat Making Software DownloadsMost commercial and paid open-source programs also offer trial versions.

These free beat making software downloads are typically valid for a week to a month and while their functions and often limited in some way in order to persuade the user to buy the full version at the end of the trial period, they provide a good way for virtual drummers to find the software that is right for them.

#1. Acoustica BeatCraft allows the user to create all sorts of beats, from realistic live-sounding drum scores to simple electronic patterns.  While the program is fairly complex and takes a little while to learn to navigate, it is nonetheless a user-friendly and intuitively-designed interface.

The sounds bank includes well over a hundred percussive tones, from the classic old 808 beats used in 80s hip-hop to full midi drum kits, tambourines, bells, hand claps and most other sounds commonly – and less commonly – used in today’s and yesterday’s music.  Volume and tone can be adjusted for each individual beat and beat-makers can set the swing or bounce of their patterns to make them fit their melodies and give them realistic composition.

The variety of drum machine programs on the web can be a little overwhelming, but with bit of research and some trial and error, any musician or budding beat master can find the free beat making software he or she needs for any particular style and segment of the musical spectrum.

#2. Acid Express is yet another free download of a premium program.Like many free versions of premium programs it is designed to give you just enough to get you started and entice you to pay the full ticket for the premium version to unlock the real power of the system. While the free version is quality and well worth the price (free), the same cannot be said for the full version, which is more expensive and not as good as some of the other premium beat making solutions.

Hopefully, these few examples will give you some free beat making software downloads to enjoy and play with. But in my opinion, a solution like DubTurbo Beat maker may be the way to go.  This is one of the few programs that help you create studio quality beats – WITHOUT having to invest thousands of dollars.

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